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 NdnaPrimitives for bioinformatics
 NhaplPopulation genetics (haplotype and marker analyzis) primitives and algorithms
 NmlMachine learning namespace (mainly classifier algorithms)
 NsearchNamespace of searching algorithms and optimization algorithms
 NtimeseriesTimeSeries (collection of triples<timestamp, value, quality>) tools
 CDomainConceptDomain concept
 CDomainEnumerateForward declaration
 CFaifExceptionBase exception class for faif library
 CFeatureInitDefaultFeature init policy - use default constructor
 Cinterval_tagInterval attribute trait (equality comparable, less than comparable, distance), integer numbers
 Cnominal_tagNominal attribute trait (equality comparable), modeled as element in unordered set
 CNotFoundExceptionException thrown when the value for given attribute is not found
 Cordinal_tagOrdered attribute trait (equality comparable, less than comparable) , modeled as element in ordered set
 CPointPoint in n-space, each component of the same type
 CPointAndFeaturePoint and some feature
 CRandomCustomDistrDistribution described by histogram (sum of ranges)
 CRandomDoubleUniform distribution for double, in given range, e.g. <0,1), uses RandomSingleton
 CRandomIntUniform distribution for int, in range <min,max>, uses RandomSingleton
 CRandomNormalNormal distribution for double, for given mean (mi) and standard deviation (sigma), uses RandomSingleton
 CRandomSingletonSingleton, synchronized proxy to boost::Random
 Cratio_tagNominal attribute trait (equality comparable, less than comparable, distance, continuous), real numbers
 CSpaceSpace n-dimensional, each domain of the same type
 CValueConceptValue concept
 CValueNominalNominal attribute template (equality comparable)